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I'm writing these down before I forget them. And sharing!

Fandom, the Internet, and you: Pros and cons of social media on fandom, streaming video, netflix. How availability of digital cameras has changed 'con behavior.' Needing to maintain one's identity because employer's may see it (What happens at con no longer stays at con)

Not sure how much this overlaps with transformative works panel since I couldn't make it to that.

Truth is Scarier than Fiction: Real-life organisms that are scarier than anything SyFy ever dreamed of. All of the Amazon rainforest, basically. Parasites that you're glad don't live in people- and those that do that you hope you NEVER get.

If MLP:FiM is still big next year, there NEEDS to be a panel on this!

Oh, and a ball joint doll panel. I had like four people stop me to say they enjoyed my panel last year and wanted another one. I would have suggested it had I known there was that much interest at CONvergence, specifically. (Thought of it as a Detour thing myself.) I told them to watch the site for when suggestions for programming open and make sure the con knows there's interest and enough people to sit the panel.

Guess the Steampunk Prop: People bring steampunk or other costume props and you have to guess what they're actually made of. Perhaps talk to Gordon about running this one. :P
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