Mar. 8th, 2012

To all the people who are being rational about recasts, such as the doll artists who have posted their feelings on the matter, I'd like to pre-emptively excuse you from this. Your sane voices are being drowned out in a sea of hyperbole and not getting it.


We are grown ups who play with dolls.

We don't like recasts. Okay. We like to support artists. Yes. Two of my friends have had their work stolen by Chinese recasters. I understand that part of it. I am a doll customiser and resin caster myself. I'm probably closer to the issue than most of the people throwing the most venom for those reasons. (Like I said, it seems like the ACTUAL doll casters are being pretty sane, and the people getting the most crazy are their would-be white knight defenders.)

But seriously? The stuff you've been saying about what you'd do to someone over owning a recast piece of plastic? Calling people 'animals' and not understanding why comparing it to date rape is NOT OKAY?


Consider that when you decide what proportion of wrath to unleash. Yeah we can get angry about recasts and worried about the impact on the second hand market. But you're blowing this way out of proportion. If you honestly think buying a recast doll is the worst thing anyone you know could do, then damn, I envy you.

Don't think I'm letting the pro-recasters off the hook either. When they do things like compare a pair of Target shoes that look like a pair of Kate Spade shoes to a recast, I do a little eyeroll at the sheer amount of not getting it.

But the worst, most vile, self-righteous crap is coming out of the anti-recaster side, and the amount of nasty is not proportional to the seriousness of the crime.



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