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Hello. I figured I should start using this other journal service since I have it. I'll be posting mostly things I've written over here. I'll cross-post everything at first, but eventually move all my writings and reviews over here exclusively so I can keep the other one personal and f-locked and post that which I'm willing to share with the world over here.

I went to a writing workshop today. Here's what I produced. Completely un-edited except to type it, and since it was all 'prompt' writing, it may be a little strange. ^_^

Three-minute poetry prompt, any subject:
Bacon sandwich
I had you for lunch
I don’t know anything else
to write about
Bacon sandwich
Is a stupid subject
Should have written a haiku.

One-minute poetry prompt, any subject:
My cat has
chilli breath
My cat eats
paper bags
Some people say my cat is
I just say my cat
fell on her head.

Prompt: The cauldron is over-flowing
“Why did you put so much in it? I told you it only holds 3 cups.”
“I put exactly three cups in it. Three cups of rice!”
“Three cups of dry rice makes six cups of rice.”
“Say, did you know that it’s only an urban legend that birds will explode after eating dry rice thrown at weddings?”
“You’re deflecting. The issue is that there’s six cups of rice on my floor.”
“Three cups. Three cups are in the pot.”

We did one here that I’m NOT going to post because it was writing for another person and I didn’t ask their permission to post it online.

Last prompt: Amun (as in, the Egyptian God)
His name was Amun, and he was fourteen years old. His mom found the name in a book when she was going through one of her neo-pagan phases, back before the Atkins craze or her current raw food diet obsession. He knew it had something to do with Egypt, but what does a fourteen year old white boy, whose only excursion out of Minneapolis was a three-day high school field trip to Chicago, know about Egypt? Other than that there are pyramids and mummies there, but everyone knows that.
Sometimes when he sleeps he dreams he’s being chased around a darkened hallway by a mummy. He wakes up and chugs a chocolate milk to make himself forget.
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