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I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

And going to use dreamwidth as a supplement to my tumblr, for the longer things/conversations that aren't suited for the tumblr format. Here's my tumblr, in case you want to visit: deadlegato.tumblr.com

Dolls owned as of 8/31/2012:
SD Story 1:
Cerberus Project/Delf/Luts Chiwoo/Resinsoul custom WS - (Aldornia)
Dollzone Sheng-xi Limited NS (Vaniya)

MSD Story 1:
Dream of Child Tender Zen Mod NS (Valentine)
Dream of Child Yen on mature body NS (Zacari)
Dollzone Megi Tan (Taira)
Kid Delf Bory/AE girl body WS (Chris (Christine))

MSD Story 2:
MNF Chiwoo WS (Cadfael (KEYD-Fay-L))
MNF Shiwoo WS/Dollzone girl (Moka)
MNF Woosoo WS (Macha)
Dollzone Mo custom tan girl (Charlotte)

MSD Story 3:
MNF Vampire Elf Shiwoo mod/Resinsoul Yao custom tan (Shokolat)
MNF Shiwoo Elf WS/Resinsoul Ming custom WS (Mylku)

Tiny Story 1:
Resinsoul Pixiu tan extreme mod (The Collector aka Chael Belle)
Island Doll Cookie/5star doll translucent WS (Dr. Ami Moreau)
Doll Love YoYo + peapod hooves Tan (Sakharine)
Doll Love Ke tan + peapod hooves Tan (Zahara)
LTF Luna/Soom centaur blue: custom blue (Otika)
LTF Sleeping Chiwoo/Planetdoll Mermaid WS - (Clotilde (Clow-til-day))

Tiny Story 2:
Soom Lami Baby Pink (Ember of Fire)
Fairyland LTF Rolly/Leeke NS (Saika of Water)
Fairyland LTF Chiwoo (Koumori of Air)
Fairyland LTF Elf Shiwoo NS (Dhara of Earth)

Tiny Story 3:
Soom Dolomi/5star/Beyla custom WS (Luci)
Crobidoll Forgotten Lance LE Cookies and Cream (Casper)
Fairyland LTF PongPong WS (Bixie)
Sugarble Hellena/Adrian pale gray (Luna)
Soom Lami/Resinsoul BabyPink/5star pink girl body (Aisling (Ash-lyn))
Resinsoul Ni WS - (D)

MDD Story:
Mini Dollfie Dream Mayu (Vanessa)
Mini Dollfie Dream Mirai (Emma)

** Custom = Tamiya 'airbrushed'. Ask me about resin matches!



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