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Listing key

Name: Head/Body (if hybrid)/Resin Color

Over 60cm
Aldornia: CP-Delf Chiwoo/Resinsoul 70cm girl body/Tamiya Matte White & RS White
Vaniya: Dollzone Sheng-xi/old DZ NS

approx 45cm:
Valentine: DoC Tender Zen/NS
Zacari: DoC Yen/mature DoC girl body/NS
Taira: Dollzone Megi/2006 DZ tan
Charlotte: Dollzone Mo/JID glamour bust/Dollzone 2009 tan & Tamiya Flat Flesh
Chris(tine): Kid Delf Bory/girl body/WS
Moka: MNF Shiwoo/DZ single joint girl body/WS
Shokolat: MNF Shiwoo Vampire Elf/RS Yao-Satyr body/Tamiya Wood Deck Tan & RS Coffee
Mylku: MNF Shiwoo Elf/RS Ming-Satyr body/Tamiya Matte White & RS white
Cadfael: MNF Chiwoo/B-line body/WS/
Macha: MNF Woosoo/A-line body/WS

45cm vinyl:
Vanessa: MDD Mayu-Mayu/NS
Emma: MDD Mirai/NS

Ame: Island Doll Cookie/5star type B girl/environmental white or milk white
Collector: RS Pixiu (Extreme face mod)/modded pixiu body/Tamiya Wood Deck Tan, RS Coffee, assorted Citadel acrylics
Zahara: Doll Love Ke/Angel of Dream boy/Peapod goat hooves/tan
Sakharine: Doll Love YoYo/Peapod horse hooves/tan
Otika: LTF Luna/Soom Minette/WS with aquamarine Rit dye and Phthalo Blue acrylic Liquitex spray(waiting for Chicline headback)
Dhara: LTF Elf Shiwoo/NS
Koumori: LTF Chiwoo/Chicline headback/5star bat girl/WS
Saika: LTF Rolly/Leeke Gentle D Volume Ent/NS
Clowtilde: LTF Chiwoo Sleep Face/Chicline headback/Planetdoll Mini Mermaid/WS, assorted Citadel acrylics
Bixie: LTF PongPong/WS
Luna: Sugarble Helena/glamour bust/Gray skin
Celeste: Sugarble Helena/Resinsoul single joint/WS
Casper: Crobidoll Forgotten Lance/Cookies and Cream
'D': Resinsoul Ni/Garden of Dolls girl body/WS + NS ('goth')
Nyubi: DB Doll Binger/Soom teenie gem/Leeke Ent horns/NS
Luci: Soom Dolomi romantic/Sugarble glamour bust/Soom Beyla hooves/WS
Aisling: Soom Lami OE/5star type B girl/Baby Pink & Pink
Ember: Soom Lami surprise/Baby Pink

The OT for DoA dolls
Nami: Hujoo Chocolate Berry/Chocolate
Avalon: mod-in-progress Tonner Antionette/tan
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