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SD Story 1:
Cerberus Project/Delf/Luts Chiwoo/Resinsoul custom WS - (Aldornia): Originally purchased Delf Chiwoo with boy body in November of... 2006 or 2007... through a Chinese user on DoA. Sold off body because I wanted a girl. Got a resinsoul white, since resinsoul normal does not match ancient yellowed Delf and I knew I could match the white easily. (Plus, I had originally WANTED a white skin Chiwoo.)
Dollzone Sheng-xi Limited NS (Vaniya): Gift head received when I ordered a Dollzone Cherry when they first released their 60 (technically 58) cm girls. Prior to normal pink and normal yellow, she doesn't match any modern dollzones skin tones. I sold the Cherry head ages ago.

MSD Story 1:
Dream of Child Tender Zen Mod NS (Valentine): Purchased through DoA in late 2005. Met the previous owner by coincidence at Anime Central 2006.
Dream of Child Yen on mature body NS (Zacari): Purchased directly through Dream of Doll, late 2005.
Dollzone Megi Tan (Taira): Purchased through a Dollzone dealer on ebay (It is the one who was later accused of lying about face-up artists), late 2006.
Kid Delf Bory/AE girl body WS (Chris (Christine)): Head purchased through DoA. Body purchased through Yahoo Japan. Head and body do not technically match. (Head yellower than body).

MSD Story 2:
MNF Chiwoo WS (Cadfael (KEYD-Fay-L)): Purchased through DoA
MNF Shiwoo WS/Dollzone girl (Moka): I can't remember which of my Shiwoos came from DoA and which came from DoD, unfortunately. DZ girl body direct from company.
MNF Woosoo WS (Macha): Received in trade for a large set of SD sized clothes. In-person trade arranged at CONvergence. I swapped him to have hook hands instead of the standard magnetic hands because I had an extra pair and I ended up hating the magnetic hands.
Dollzone Mo custom tan girl (Charlotte): Head originally purchased in white skin through Dollzone late 2006. I have pictures of her and my Megi taken at Christmas 2006, so that is when I can date the two of them to. Body purchased through Yahoo Japan. Advertised as light tan, actually real skin when received. Has someone with two JID check her over, and they said she was legit although extremely yellowed, with undisclosed neck sanding, and scratched all over. I did a custom tan to match the head to the body and cover the flaws.

MSD Story 3:
MNF Vampire Elf Shiwoo mod/Resinsoul Yao custom tan (Shokolat): I can't remember which of my Shiwoos came from DoA and which came from DoD, unfortunately. Resinsoul body from DDE.
MNF Shiwoo Elf WS/Resinsoul Ming custom WS (Mylku): I can't remember which of my Shiwoos came from DoA and which came from DoD, unfortunately. Resinsoul body from Junkyspot. (In both cases, I sold off the head on DoA after receiving the full doll.)
Both of these were originally normal skin heads, I used Tamiya for plastics (TS spray) to match them to the bodies. if you open up the heads, they are still normal skin on the inside.

Tiny Story 1:
Resinsoul Pixiu tan extreme mod (The Collector aka Chael Belle): Version 1 was an Angel of Dream Le Le. Version 2 is a Resinsoul Pixiu. Both heavily modded faces by a friend (I think the second face is closer to what I wanted, as is the second body.) Original face is still in my possession and I don't think I'll ever give it up.
Island Doll Cookie/5star doll translucent WS (Dr. Ami Moreau): Bought a 5star body for my Angel of Dream event head. Was during 5star's 'translucent resin' period, so they didn't match. Ended up buying an Island Doll translucent head for it, because I liked the body enough to keep it and find a head for it. Her hands have also been changed out for Island Doll hands.
Doll Love YoYo + peapod hooves Tan (Sakharine): She inherited Zahara's old body.
Doll Love Ke tan + peapod hooves Tan (Zahara): Zahara started out a complete Doll Love, but when I went to create Collector version 2 I gave Zahara his old body and got a new head for the girl body to be his sister.
Both heads were purchased through authorized Doll Love dealer on eBay. (I have forgotten her name, but she is saved in my fav sellers)
LTF Luna/Soom centaur blue: custom blue (Otika): This is the face-plate that came with Bixie's current body. I had bought a Luna through Yahoo Japan shortly before they released the Pongs in LTF size, so this ended up changing my doll plans. I was able to find a Yahoo Japan Soom Minette body through Yahoo Japan as well at an amazing price, so I ended up with a centaur. Has original Minette LE outfit with her. I wanted to dye her entirely blue to have a Fantasia centaur, but the dye was turning out uneven so I only did her body and a gradient on her torso to make the pieces look uniform. I used liquitex water based spray to do her 'dappling'.
LTF Sleeping Chiwoo/Planetdoll Mermaid WS - (Clotilde (Clow-til-day)): Came with my LTF Chiwoo split, Chicline headback, Planetdoll body from Oobie doll in a split I lead on DoA.

Tiny Story 2:
Soom Lami Baby Pink (Ember of Fire): Direct Soom purchase, wings direct from Leekeworld. Certificate stashed in my file.
Fairyland LTF Rolly/Leeke NS (Saika of Water): Head second hand from a user on DoA. Body direct from Leekeworld. Extra pair of wings from a DoA user.
Fairyland LTF Chiwoo (Koumori of Air): Head bought in a split I lead on DoA. Body purchased at a doll meet.
Fairyland LTF Elf Shiwoo NS (Dhara of Earth): Faceplate bought off Taobao, but was purchased with help of a DoA TaoBao Spree agent. I have never seen this faceplate recasted and it matches the resin on my Rolly (whose body she stole,) and I have yet to see a perfect resin match recast.

Tiny Story 3:
Soom Dolomi/5star/Beyla custom WS (Luci): Purchased her hooves through DoA originally for Ember, but ended up not liking having to constantly re-blush them pink because of chipping. Head was purchased at an anime con and modded by me. (I wanted open eyes, but I had a romantic head). Tamiya sprayed to cover yellowing on head and hooves. If you open her head or look on the underside of her hooves, you can see original yellowish Soom white color.
Crobidoll Forgotten Lance LE Cookies and Cream (Casper): Direct purchase through Crobidoll. Has his limited outfit with him.
Fairyland LTF PongPong WS (Bixie): Took my Luna's body once I got her face plate in a split run through DoA. Immediately her ankle broke, and I wish I'd known Fairyland replaced broken ankles, as if you look inside her she's got my terrible mod slap job done on her ankle.
Sugarble Hellena/Adrian pale gray (Luna): Direct from Sugarble, I have her original box.
Soom Lami/Resinsoul BabyPink/5star pink girl body (Aisling (Ash-lyn)): I have the Soom certificate. She tried several bodies before I decided I liked her on the 5star body.
Resinsoul Ni WS - (D): Purchased through Junkyspot Emory birthday event.

MDD Story:
Mini Dollfie Dream Mayu (Vanessa): Purchased through DoA. Has original LE Volks face-up.
Mini Dollfie Dream Mirai (Emma): Purchased through DoA. Came in original LE box, but without original LE face-up or outfit. I THINK I have both LE boxes, but I am not sure.

DB Doll Binger Head: Trade through DoA, sold body because while it was a great poser, it was 'too chubby' for me.
Garden of Dolls Ppo Ppo: Just got in a trade. Not sure what I will do with her yet.
Hujoo Chocolate Berry: Just got, no face-up yet. Still not sure what I will do with her.

I also have Tonners, Monster High, and Novi Stars... but I think I will make a separate post for them.



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