Decided I just don't do enough with SD to justify keeping them.

So I'm re-shelling Vaniya as a Doll Love Evol Fullset. I'd LIKE to reshell Aldornia as a MNF Chiwoo, but I'm not sure if I'll be reshelling her into my *existing* Chiwoo or saving for another one.

I also swapped some heads around so my satyrs are both fanged satyrs now. (MNF Woosoo vampire elf and MNF Shiwoo vampire elf sleeping)

In an ideal world I'd give my Chiwoo's old body to my Shiwoo and put the Chiwoo on a girl body, but... my Chiwoo is so yellowed I'm not sure how well matching to other bodies would go at this point.

I mean, I love my existing Chiwoo, but the poor babe is practically a banana.
My dad has pretty much become dependent on walking with a cane following a knee injury.

I'm of two minds on this. Of course I don't want to see someone I care about walking with a cane so early, and I'm *really really* hoping this will help my dad realize he needs to be more serious about taking off some of the excess weight he is carrying.

Another part of me, though, is kind of glad because that means he can't climb the attic stairs anymore. There's essentially a whole separate 'apartment' in the attic (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen ect... it's about the size of a good studio apartment). So my mom and I have made plans to put everything he already hoarded up there into storage so my mom and sister can have a hoard-free place to put a TV and a maybe a computer.

Plus I should be moving to my own apartment in about seven months, so I'll be taking a lot of the furniture that is up there with me. (I used to live up there. It's my furniture. No matter what my dad tries to say.)
Listing key

Name: Head/Body (if hybrid)/Resin Color

Over 60cm
Aldornia: CP-Delf Chiwoo/Resinsoul 70cm girl body/Tamiya Matte White & RS White
Vaniya: Dollzone Sheng-xi/old DZ NS

approx 45cm:
Valentine: DoC Tender Zen/NS
Zacari: DoC Yen/mature DoC girl body/NS
Taira: Dollzone Megi/2006 DZ tan
Charlotte: Dollzone Mo/JID glamour bust/Dollzone 2009 tan & Tamiya Flat Flesh
Chris(tine): Kid Delf Bory/girl body/WS
Moka: MNF Shiwoo/DZ single joint girl body/WS
Shokolat: MNF Shiwoo Vampire Elf/RS Yao-Satyr body/Tamiya Wood Deck Tan & RS Coffee
Mylku: MNF Shiwoo Elf/RS Ming-Satyr body/Tamiya Matte White & RS white
Cadfael: MNF Chiwoo/B-line body/WS/
Macha: MNF Woosoo/A-line body/WS

45cm vinyl:
Vanessa: MDD Mayu-Mayu/NS
Emma: MDD Mirai/NS

Ame: Island Doll Cookie/5star type B girl/environmental white or milk white
Collector: RS Pixiu (Extreme face mod)/modded pixiu body/Tamiya Wood Deck Tan, RS Coffee, assorted Citadel acrylics
Zahara: Doll Love Ke/Angel of Dream boy/Peapod goat hooves/tan
Sakharine: Doll Love YoYo/Peapod horse hooves/tan
Otika: LTF Luna/Soom Minette/WS with aquamarine Rit dye and Phthalo Blue acrylic Liquitex spray(waiting for Chicline headback)
Dhara: LTF Elf Shiwoo/NS
Koumori: LTF Chiwoo/Chicline headback/5star bat girl/WS
Saika: LTF Rolly/Leeke Gentle D Volume Ent/NS
Clowtilde: LTF Chiwoo Sleep Face/Chicline headback/Planetdoll Mini Mermaid/WS, assorted Citadel acrylics
Bixie: LTF PongPong/WS
Luna: Sugarble Helena/glamour bust/Gray skin
Celeste: Sugarble Helena/Resinsoul single joint/WS
Casper: Crobidoll Forgotten Lance/Cookies and Cream
'D': Resinsoul Ni/Garden of Dolls girl body/WS + NS ('goth')
Nyubi: DB Doll Binger/Soom teenie gem/Leeke Ent horns/NS
Luci: Soom Dolomi romantic/Sugarble glamour bust/Soom Beyla hooves/WS
Aisling: Soom Lami OE/5star type B girl/Baby Pink & Pink
Ember: Soom Lami surprise/Baby Pink

The OT for DoA dolls
Nami: Hujoo Chocolate Berry/Chocolate
Avalon: mod-in-progress Tonner Antionette/tan
I want to dress my BJD up for Halloween, but I'm in a dilemma.

All the anime I've seen lately that I really like... the characters just wear normal clothes.

All the anime with costumes I really like... I hate the anime.
SD Story 1:
Cerberus Project/Delf/Luts Chiwoo/Resinsoul custom WS - (Aldornia): Originally purchased Delf Chiwoo with boy body in November of... 2006 or 2007... through a Chinese user on DoA. Sold off body because I wanted a girl. Got a resinsoul white, since resinsoul normal does not match ancient yellowed Delf and I knew I could match the white easily. (Plus, I had originally WANTED a white skin Chiwoo.)
Dollzone Sheng-xi Limited NS (Vaniya): Gift head received when I ordered a Dollzone Cherry when they first released their 60 (technically 58) cm girls. Prior to normal pink and normal yellow, she doesn't match any modern dollzones skin tones. I sold the Cherry head ages ago.

MSD Story 1:
Dream of Child Tender Zen Mod NS (Valentine): Purchased through DoA in late 2005. Met the previous owner by coincidence at Anime Central 2006.
Dream of Child Yen on mature body NS (Zacari): Purchased directly through Dream of Doll, late 2005.
Dollzone Megi Tan (Taira): Purchased through a Dollzone dealer on ebay (It is the one who was later accused of lying about face-up artists), late 2006.
Kid Delf Bory/AE girl body WS (Chris (Christine)): Head purchased through DoA. Body purchased through Yahoo Japan. Head and body do not technically match. (Head yellower than body).

MSD Story 2:
MNF Chiwoo WS (Cadfael (KEYD-Fay-L)): Purchased through DoA
MNF Shiwoo WS/Dollzone girl (Moka): I can't remember which of my Shiwoos came from DoA and which came from DoD, unfortunately. DZ girl body direct from company.
MNF Woosoo WS (Macha): Received in trade for a large set of SD sized clothes. In-person trade arranged at CONvergence. I swapped him to have hook hands instead of the standard magnetic hands because I had an extra pair and I ended up hating the magnetic hands.
Dollzone Mo custom tan girl (Charlotte): Head originally purchased in white skin through Dollzone late 2006. I have pictures of her and my Megi taken at Christmas 2006, so that is when I can date the two of them to. Body purchased through Yahoo Japan. Advertised as light tan, actually real skin when received. Has someone with two JID check her over, and they said she was legit although extremely yellowed, with undisclosed neck sanding, and scratched all over. I did a custom tan to match the head to the body and cover the flaws.

MSD Story 3:
MNF Vampire Elf Shiwoo mod/Resinsoul Yao custom tan (Shokolat): I can't remember which of my Shiwoos came from DoA and which came from DoD, unfortunately. Resinsoul body from DDE.
MNF Shiwoo Elf WS/Resinsoul Ming custom WS (Mylku): I can't remember which of my Shiwoos came from DoA and which came from DoD, unfortunately. Resinsoul body from Junkyspot. (In both cases, I sold off the head on DoA after receiving the full doll.)
Both of these were originally normal skin heads, I used Tamiya for plastics (TS spray) to match them to the bodies. if you open up the heads, they are still normal skin on the inside.

Tiny Story 1:
Resinsoul Pixiu tan extreme mod (The Collector aka Chael Belle): Version 1 was an Angel of Dream Le Le. Version 2 is a Resinsoul Pixiu. Both heavily modded faces by a friend (I think the second face is closer to what I wanted, as is the second body.) Original face is still in my possession and I don't think I'll ever give it up.
Island Doll Cookie/5star doll translucent WS (Dr. Ami Moreau): Bought a 5star body for my Angel of Dream event head. Was during 5star's 'translucent resin' period, so they didn't match. Ended up buying an Island Doll translucent head for it, because I liked the body enough to keep it and find a head for it. Her hands have also been changed out for Island Doll hands.
Doll Love YoYo + peapod hooves Tan (Sakharine): She inherited Zahara's old body.
Doll Love Ke tan + peapod hooves Tan (Zahara): Zahara started out a complete Doll Love, but when I went to create Collector version 2 I gave Zahara his old body and got a new head for the girl body to be his sister.
Both heads were purchased through authorized Doll Love dealer on eBay. (I have forgotten her name, but she is saved in my fav sellers)
LTF Luna/Soom centaur blue: custom blue (Otika): This is the face-plate that came with Bixie's current body. I had bought a Luna through Yahoo Japan shortly before they released the Pongs in LTF size, so this ended up changing my doll plans. I was able to find a Yahoo Japan Soom Minette body through Yahoo Japan as well at an amazing price, so I ended up with a centaur. Has original Minette LE outfit with her. I wanted to dye her entirely blue to have a Fantasia centaur, but the dye was turning out uneven so I only did her body and a gradient on her torso to make the pieces look uniform. I used liquitex water based spray to do her 'dappling'.
LTF Sleeping Chiwoo/Planetdoll Mermaid WS - (Clotilde (Clow-til-day)): Came with my LTF Chiwoo split, Chicline headback, Planetdoll body from Oobie doll in a split I lead on DoA.

Tiny Story 2:
Soom Lami Baby Pink (Ember of Fire): Direct Soom purchase, wings direct from Leekeworld. Certificate stashed in my file.
Fairyland LTF Rolly/Leeke NS (Saika of Water): Head second hand from a user on DoA. Body direct from Leekeworld. Extra pair of wings from a DoA user.
Fairyland LTF Chiwoo (Koumori of Air): Head bought in a split I lead on DoA. Body purchased at a doll meet.
Fairyland LTF Elf Shiwoo NS (Dhara of Earth): Faceplate bought off Taobao, but was purchased with help of a DoA TaoBao Spree agent. I have never seen this faceplate recasted and it matches the resin on my Rolly (whose body she stole,) and I have yet to see a perfect resin match recast.

Tiny Story 3:
Soom Dolomi/5star/Beyla custom WS (Luci): Purchased her hooves through DoA originally for Ember, but ended up not liking having to constantly re-blush them pink because of chipping. Head was purchased at an anime con and modded by me. (I wanted open eyes, but I had a romantic head). Tamiya sprayed to cover yellowing on head and hooves. If you open her head or look on the underside of her hooves, you can see original yellowish Soom white color.
Crobidoll Forgotten Lance LE Cookies and Cream (Casper): Direct purchase through Crobidoll. Has his limited outfit with him.
Fairyland LTF PongPong WS (Bixie): Took my Luna's body once I got her face plate in a split run through DoA. Immediately her ankle broke, and I wish I'd known Fairyland replaced broken ankles, as if you look inside her she's got my terrible mod slap job done on her ankle.
Sugarble Hellena/Adrian pale gray (Luna): Direct from Sugarble, I have her original box.
Soom Lami/Resinsoul BabyPink/5star pink girl body (Aisling (Ash-lyn)): I have the Soom certificate. She tried several bodies before I decided I liked her on the 5star body.
Resinsoul Ni WS - (D): Purchased through Junkyspot Emory birthday event.

MDD Story:
Mini Dollfie Dream Mayu (Vanessa): Purchased through DoA. Has original LE Volks face-up.
Mini Dollfie Dream Mirai (Emma): Purchased through DoA. Came in original LE box, but without original LE face-up or outfit. I THINK I have both LE boxes, but I am not sure.

DB Doll Binger Head: Trade through DoA, sold body because while it was a great poser, it was 'too chubby' for me.
Garden of Dolls Ppo Ppo: Just got in a trade. Not sure what I will do with her yet.
Hujoo Chocolate Berry: Just got, no face-up yet. Still not sure what I will do with her.

I also have Tonners, Monster High, and Novi Stars... but I think I will make a separate post for them.
I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

And going to use dreamwidth as a supplement to my tumblr, for the longer things/conversations that aren't suited for the tumblr format. Here's my tumblr, in case you want to visit:

Dolls owned as of 8/31/2012:
SD Story 1:
Cerberus Project/Delf/Luts Chiwoo/Resinsoul custom WS - (Aldornia)
Dollzone Sheng-xi Limited NS (Vaniya)

MSD Story 1:
Dream of Child Tender Zen Mod NS (Valentine)
Dream of Child Yen on mature body NS (Zacari)
Dollzone Megi Tan (Taira)
Kid Delf Bory/AE girl body WS (Chris (Christine))

MSD Story 2:
MNF Chiwoo WS (Cadfael (KEYD-Fay-L))
MNF Shiwoo WS/Dollzone girl (Moka)
MNF Woosoo WS (Macha)
Dollzone Mo custom tan girl (Charlotte)

MSD Story 3:
MNF Vampire Elf Shiwoo mod/Resinsoul Yao custom tan (Shokolat)
MNF Shiwoo Elf WS/Resinsoul Ming custom WS (Mylku)

Tiny Story 1:
Resinsoul Pixiu tan extreme mod (The Collector aka Chael Belle)
Island Doll Cookie/5star doll translucent WS (Dr. Ami Moreau)
Doll Love YoYo + peapod hooves Tan (Sakharine)
Doll Love Ke tan + peapod hooves Tan (Zahara)
LTF Luna/Soom centaur blue: custom blue (Otika)
LTF Sleeping Chiwoo/Planetdoll Mermaid WS - (Clotilde (Clow-til-day))

Tiny Story 2:
Soom Lami Baby Pink (Ember of Fire)
Fairyland LTF Rolly/Leeke NS (Saika of Water)
Fairyland LTF Chiwoo (Koumori of Air)
Fairyland LTF Elf Shiwoo NS (Dhara of Earth)

Tiny Story 3:
Soom Dolomi/5star/Beyla custom WS (Luci)
Crobidoll Forgotten Lance LE Cookies and Cream (Casper)
Fairyland LTF PongPong WS (Bixie)
Sugarble Hellena/Adrian pale gray (Luna)
Soom Lami/Resinsoul BabyPink/5star pink girl body (Aisling (Ash-lyn))
Resinsoul Ni WS - (D)

MDD Story:
Mini Dollfie Dream Mayu (Vanessa)
Mini Dollfie Dream Mirai (Emma)

** Custom = Tamiya 'airbrushed'. Ask me about resin matches!
To all the people who are being rational about recasts, such as the doll artists who have posted their feelings on the matter, I'd like to pre-emptively excuse you from this. Your sane voices are being drowned out in a sea of hyperbole and not getting it.


We are grown ups who play with dolls.

We don't like recasts. Okay. We like to support artists. Yes. Two of my friends have had their work stolen by Chinese recasters. I understand that part of it. I am a doll customiser and resin caster myself. I'm probably closer to the issue than most of the people throwing the most venom for those reasons. (Like I said, it seems like the ACTUAL doll casters are being pretty sane, and the people getting the most crazy are their would-be white knight defenders.)

But seriously? The stuff you've been saying about what you'd do to someone over owning a recast piece of plastic? Calling people 'animals' and not understanding why comparing it to date rape is NOT OKAY?


Consider that when you decide what proportion of wrath to unleash. Yeah we can get angry about recasts and worried about the impact on the second hand market. But you're blowing this way out of proportion. If you honestly think buying a recast doll is the worst thing anyone you know could do, then damn, I envy you.

Don't think I'm letting the pro-recasters off the hook either. When they do things like compare a pair of Target shoes that look like a pair of Kate Spade shoes to a recast, I do a little eyeroll at the sheer amount of not getting it.

But the worst, most vile, self-righteous crap is coming out of the anti-recaster side, and the amount of nasty is not proportional to the seriousness of the crime.
It feels like no one blogs anymore, they just post sound bites on twitter/facebook/tumblr. Side effect of living in a sound bite world?

I'm pretty bad about thinking of blog things too.

My weekend agenda:

Finish Fluttershy costume
Shop for last Detour workshop supplies
Get milk
Finish Paper draft for my minor class and start on the next group project
Finish take-home quiz for immunology
Hang out with Jessi
Put a bunch more doll stuff up for sale
Makin' a list and checking it twice:

Finish the leg blushing on my peapod goat hooves, restring my hooved bodies

Finish the wing re-blushing on my Leeke ent wings

Get the remaining paint off Chael's head and start re-painting him to match his incoming new body

Saw down the length and sand down the width of my Dollzone body so Nyubi's head can be attached to it

Put magnets on Nyubi's head so she can wear the tree horns

Get the minis dressed for the doll meet on the 15th.

Get Clotilde body blushed and modded

Wait for my Ke head and Rolly head to return from the face-up artist.

Sell some more doll stuff so I can pick up a Hujoo body for my floating chibi-Anubis head. Package up the items I intend to try to sell at the doll meet in order to buy this body.

Should my chibi Anubis be a girl or a boy?! I like the girl Hujoo body better, but I'm not sure how girl! Anubis will be received :P


Dec. 25th, 2011 08:16 pm
A MLP:FiM calendar, two utena box sets, a hujoo, and fuzzysocks.

I'm going to use the Hujoo body for another head, so if anyone wants a white skin dreaming Hujoo head, yours for like 5 dollars. Plus shipping if I have to ship.

Sold my El head that I got in a trade years ago... to the friend of the person who sold him to the person I traded with! It is a small fandom after all...

Attempting to sell another spare head, but the person who wants it promised on Thursday to pay me 'tomorrow.' Hope that happens.

Used the money from selling doll stuff to buy a resinsoul ni during the 15% off junkyspot sale. Cost out of my pocket for her: 7 dollars.

Debating if I want to put nyubis head on my spare dollzone msd body or try to trade it for a 5star body for her.
Another ATC library event, and working on the final papers due the 12th and 14th respectively for my classes.

Not quite sure when final presentation is due for my microbio class... I might also be working on that this weekend.

Also entered a doll clothing swap, so I've got to sew something for that. Fortunately my partner's doll is about the size as my Zen, so I can use her as a model.

Debating what I want to do with my MNF El. I was originally going to make her into a snake-woman, but now I'm thinking I might just leave her human. Because I've been 'meaning' to make her into a snake-woman for YEARS now, so she's still just a pile of parts in a drawer.


Nov. 8th, 2011 09:38 am
After the latest LJ snaffu where people were able to gain access to other's private entries and even post as other people, I've decided to do most of my journaling through dreamwidth now.

I'll still cross-post for those of you who don't want to use dreamwidth/find it easier to just check LJ and I'll keep the account since I maintain some communities, but dreamwidth will be my main posting place for the time being.
Switch dream of doll Yen onto double jointed body: done.
Sell dollzone vampire head: done.
Buy body for elf shiwoo head
Sell old single joint body from yen
sell the 47cm obitsu I don't play with since I got my second mini dollfie dream
Use the funds from the obitsu to buy a ltf chiwoo w little monica devil parts

To finish:
Chael's tail and paint job
Koi body blushing on my planetdoll mermaid
new face up for moka my mnf shiwoo
the naga body I have put off forever

Other dolls: finish shandy doll mod
finish zebra girl actiom figure mod
finish collector action figure mod
Make wa lolita for my monster high frankie
Best anime for sci-fi fantasy fans:

List off some of the best sci-fi or fantasy genre anime, for people knew to anime fandom.
I'm writing these down before I forget them. And sharing!

Fandom, the Internet, and you: Pros and cons of social media on fandom, streaming video, netflix. How availability of digital cameras has changed 'con behavior.' Needing to maintain one's identity because employer's may see it (What happens at con no longer stays at con)

Not sure how much this overlaps with transformative works panel since I couldn't make it to that.

Truth is Scarier than Fiction: Real-life organisms that are scarier than anything SyFy ever dreamed of. All of the Amazon rainforest, basically. Parasites that you're glad don't live in people- and those that do that you hope you NEVER get.

If MLP:FiM is still big next year, there NEEDS to be a panel on this!

Oh, and a ball joint doll panel. I had like four people stop me to say they enjoyed my panel last year and wanted another one. I would have suggested it had I known there was that much interest at CONvergence, specifically. (Thought of it as a Detour thing myself.) I told them to watch the site for when suggestions for programming open and make sure the con knows there's interest and enough people to sit the panel.

Guess the Steampunk Prop: People bring steampunk or other costume props and you have to guess what they're actually made of. Perhaps talk to Gordon about running this one. :P
While trying to sleep off a stomach illness, my brain did this: similarities between characters in Madoka Magica and MLP:FiM.

Twilight Sparkle and Homura can both wink in and out of existence while running and have a 'darker' color scheme than the rest of the cast. (Homura's isn't *exactly* purple, but it's close). Also, both usually know more about what's going on than the rest of the cast and can come across as a jerk because of it.

Applejack is the big sister character and has a yellow/orange color scheme like Mami.

Sayaka has a blue base color and a bold 'And now, I kick your ass without thinking things through' personality like Rainbow Dash. (Although she's mostly known for being rainbow, her base color is still blue.)

Madoka and Fluttershy both have pink hair, are relatively quiet characters, and don't seem to have all that much confidence in their abilities until their friends are in danger. Then they'll leap into action, even if it means putting their own life on the line.

I get stuck on finding an equivalent for Kyoko though. Color scheme wise she'd be a Pinkie Pie, but their personalities are nothing alike.
In rough order of priority

1) Paper for final grade in Cariology class
2) Outfit for winner of my help_japan auction

Less in order of priority, just lower down the scale than the ones above
3) Clean basement, get rid of things
4) Organize what's left of detour crap
5) Email the library about summer programming
6) Give my MNF Chiwoo a face-up
7) Go through my doll's stuff and decide what I can part with
8) Costumes for CON
So after I get through the last of my quarter-third-mid-term-whatever things (because they're called midterms even though they happen 3, not 2, times a semester??) I'm going to start working on redoing the character designs from the webcomic I used to do.

I'm going back to its original, original name (Turned in on Time) because a similar comic name came out in the interim, and rather than deal with potential wankery or confusion over that, I'm just gonna roll with it. If anyone wants to start wankery and knows the comic I'm talking about, they can do that on their own time, but I won a small award for the character designs back in 2000 that has the comic name on it and the award is dated. Shrug.

Will I bring it back as a webcomic, per se? Probably not. More like 'occasionally illustrated web book.' I don't really like drawing the same character in the same outfits over and over again, and I'm a better writer than drawer in all respects.

No idea where I'm gonna host anything yet. HA HA DON'T SAY KEENSPACE/KEENSPOT, that's not even funny anymore.

Possibly I'll work on it over NaNoWriMo.

I found an old, OLD (like high school or early college) era CD wallet full of mixed CDs I made. This was back in the days when Audio Planet was still around. (Audio Galaxy? God so long I've forgotten!!!) So I don't HAVE the original MP3s for many of these, so I'm re-ripping them to my computer for nostalgia. Unfortunately, most of the time I remember artist OR song, not both.

Fun to see how my tastes in music have/haven't changed. I'm wishing I'd found this CD before MAS karaoke so I could have done an Alice Cooper song too. So I could do one OTHER than 'School's Out.' Something like 'Feed My Frankenstein' would be appropriate for MAS, right? (More so than 'Dead Babies' or ANYTHING off 'Welcome to my Nightmare.')

I still like Drain STH. I wonder why I ever bothered with Kittie. I LOL at the fact that I ACTUALLY OWN a Cradle of Filth CD. (Pretty sure it was a gift from the guy I went to Sr Prom with.)

ETA2: Omg theme songs from Sailor Moon and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiago
Hello. I figured I should start using this other journal service since I have it. I'll be posting mostly things I've written over here. I'll cross-post everything at first, but eventually move all my writings and reviews over here exclusively so I can keep the other one personal and f-locked and post that which I'm willing to share with the world over here.

I went to a writing workshop today. Here's what I produced. Completely un-edited except to type it, and since it was all 'prompt' writing, it may be a little strange. ^_^

Three-minute poetry prompt, any subject:
Bacon sandwich
I had you for lunch
I don’t know anything else
to write about
Bacon sandwich
Is a stupid subject
Should have written a haiku.

One-minute poetry prompt, any subject:
My cat has
chilli breath
My cat eats
paper bags
Some people say my cat is
I just say my cat
fell on her head.

Prompt: The cauldron is over-flowing
“Why did you put so much in it? I told you it only holds 3 cups.”
“I put exactly three cups in it. Three cups of rice!”
“Three cups of dry rice makes six cups of rice.”
“Say, did you know that it’s only an urban legend that birds will explode after eating dry rice thrown at weddings?”
“You’re deflecting. The issue is that there’s six cups of rice on my floor.”
“Three cups. Three cups are in the pot.”

We did one here that I’m NOT going to post because it was writing for another person and I didn’t ask their permission to post it online.

Last prompt: Amun (as in, the Egyptian God)
His name was Amun, and he was fourteen years old. His mom found the name in a book when she was going through one of her neo-pagan phases, back before the Atkins craze or her current raw food diet obsession. He knew it had something to do with Egypt, but what does a fourteen year old white boy, whose only excursion out of Minneapolis was a three-day high school field trip to Chicago, know about Egypt? Other than that there are pyramids and mummies there, but everyone knows that.
Sometimes when he sleeps he dreams he’s being chased around a darkened hallway by a mummy. He wakes up and chugs a chocolate milk to make himself forget.
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